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Welcome to the website TechXperts. These Terms and Conditions of Use govern the access to and use

of website TechXperts. The access to and use of this website as well as the purchase of products on

website TechXperts are based on the assumption that these Terms and Conditions have been read,

understood and accepted by you. In case of any disputes, complaints, questions etc. you can reach us

directly on the following telephone number or by E-Mail:

1. Definitions

The following terms have the stated meaning in this document:

Repairer: TechXperts.

Customer: Any natural person or legal entity that submits a request for repairs to the Repairer.

Order: All requests made in writing or electronically by the Customer and accepted by the Repairer.

Device: Mobile telephone

Accessories: Batteries, chargers, memory cards, and other accessories for the device.

External Technical Service: Repair and/or service company that falls outside the Repairer's sphere of


2. Applicability

2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements with the Repairer for the repair of

consumer electronics.

2.2. The applicability of other terms and conditions, in particular the Customer's purchasing conditions,

is hereby expressly excluded.

2.3. If and insofar as any provision of the general terms and conditions is annulled or declared void, the

remaining provisions of the general terms and conditions remain fully in force. The Repairer shall then

adopt a new provision to replace the annulled/voided provision, taking into consideration the purport of

the annulled/voided provision as far as possible.

3. Registration of repairs

3.1. Repairs may be registered via the websites designated for that purpose. All necessary information

can be found, at http://techxperts.com/.

3.2. If the Customer fails to provide the requested information correctly or completely, the Repairer is

entitled not to deal with the registration or to charge extra.

4. Transport

4.1. Unless agreed otherwise, the Customer is responsible for the device's transportation to the repair

centre. Products must have protective and safe packaging and be labelled in accordance with the

Repairer's requirements. All necessary information can be found, inter alia, at http://techxperts.com/.

4.2. Unless agreed otherwise, the Repairer is responsible for the return shipment of the product.

5. Inspection and repairs

5.1. The complaint(s) as described by the Customer is/are taken as the starting point for the repair. If

there is no description of the complaint(s), or if the description is unclear, the Repairer repairs the

identified defects.

5.2. If the fault identified by the Repairer does not fall under the warranty conditions stipulated by the

company, the Repairer shall first give the Customer a quotation, unless agreed otherwise.

5.3. The Repairer commences with the repairs only after the Customer has accepted the quotation.

5.4. If the Customer does not accept the quotation, the Repairer is entitled to return the product to the

Customer on payment of an inspection fee.

5.5. If the Repairer finds that the product is irreparably damaged and does not fall under the warranty

scheme, it is entitled to return the product to the Customer on payment of an inspection fee.

5.6. The Customer may waive its right to the product at no charge. The Repairer shall then attend to the

environmentally sound processing of the product at no further cost to the Customer.

6. Quality

6.1. New parts, alternative parts, or exchange parts, if this is customary practice for such a device, are

used during the repairs.

6.2. Repairs must be carried out in such a way that the device meets the Customer's expectations once


6.3. After the repairs, the Customer receives a repair form with a short description of the work that has

been performed.

7. Warranty

7.1. In order to determine the warranty conditions for the product, reference is made to the

manufacturer's warranty conditions, the law, or the vendor's additional warranty conditions.

7.2. After completing the repairs, the Repairer gives a four-month warranty on the repairs insofar as the

new complaint can be attributed to the Repairer. The warranty period commences when the product is

handed back to the Customer. No warranty is given on cleaning or maintenance, or on repairs made to

products with lightning, water, or moisture damage.

8. Force majeure

8.1. The Repairer is not obliged to comply with any obligations towards the Customer if it is prevented

from doing so by a circumstance for which it is not accountable by law, a legal act, or according to

generally accepted standards.

8.2. The Repairer is not responsible for damage to the device arising from force majeure situations,

including fire, flooding, severe weather, earthquakes, burglary, leakage, etc.

9. Liability

9.1. The Repairer is liable for damage that it causes to the product. Unless agreed otherwise, the

Repairer is also liable for damage arising from the loss of the product during the repair process or during

transport to the Customer. The Repairer is not liable for consequential damage in any case.

10. Data

10.1. The Repairer reserves the right to reset mobile telephones it receives to their original factory

settings. This could mean that data is lost on devices.

10.2. The Repairer is not liable in any case for the loss or exchange of data.

10.3. The Customer should remove sensitive data from the device and memory card before sending in

the device for repairs.

11. External technical service

11.1. Devices of brands that the Repairer is not authorized to repair may be presented for repairs at the

External Technical Service authorized for that purpose. The Repairer reserves the right to charge

additional administrative and logistical costs.

11.2. The general terms and conditions of the External Technical Service apply in full in addition to these

terms and conditions.

12. Accessories and SIM cards

12.1. Accessories need to be sent with the device only if they are relevant to the stated complaint. Each

registration must clearly indicate which accessories have been sent with the device. If the accessories

are not registered, the Repairer cannot be held liable for their loss.

12.2. Like other accessories, memory cards must be sent with the device only if they are relevant to the

stated complaint. The Repairer is not liable for any loss of data on the memory card.

12.3. Sending SIM cards is not recommended and is done so entirely at the Customer's own risk. The

Repairer is not responsible for the loss, misuse, and/or damage of SIM cards that are sent with devices.

13. Simlock

13.1. Devices that are sent with a simlock are not unblocked by the Repairer. The device may be

unblocked only after agreement is reached between the relevant operator and the owner of the device.

The operator provides an unlock code in such a case. The Customer must arrange this directly with the


13.2. The Repairer may return simlock devices that have been illegally unblocked or cannot be repaired

without dealing with them. The Repairer is entitled to charge the incurred handling, inspection, and

transport costs to the Customer.

14. Stolen or lost device

If it becomes apparent when handling the order that the serial number of the product is in a database of

stolen or lost products, the Repairer reserves the right not to deal with the product. The Repairer is

entitled to charge the incurred handling, inspection and transport costs to the Customer.

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